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Nir-Arad, O.; Shlomi, D. H.; Israelstam, A.; Amit, T.; Manukovsky, N.; Fialkov, A. B.; Kaminker, I. The CW-EPR Capabilities of a Dual DNP/EPR Spectrometer Operating at 14 and 7 T. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 2024, 360, 107635.


Nir-Arad, O.; Shlomi, D. H.; Manukovsky, N.; Laster, E.; Kaminker, I. Nitrogen Substitutions Aggregation and Clustering in Diamonds as Revealed by High-Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2023. (In press)

Ma, J.; Das, J.; Zhang, J.; Cheng, J.; Sorcar, S.; Rosen, B. A.; Shekhter, P.; Dobrovetsky, R.; Flaxer, E.; Yavor, Y.; Shen, R.; Kaminker, I.; Goldbourt, A.; Gozin, M. Carbon-Nitride Popcorn—A Novel Catalyst Prepared by Self-Propagating Combustion of Nitrogen-Rich Triazenes. Small 2023, 19 (12), 2205994.


Petrutik, N.; Kaminker, I.; Flaxer, E.; Shem-Tov, D.; Giladi, T.; Bar-Bechor, Y.; Das, J.; Gozin, M. Janus-Type Hypergolic Fuels for Hybrid Systems Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydroxylammonium Nitrate-Based Oxidizers. Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 454, 140170.



Shimon, D.; Kaminker, I. A Transition from Solid Effect to Indirect Cross Effect with Broadband Microwave Irradiation. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2022, 24 (12), 7311–7322.




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Leavesley, A.; Jain, S.; Kamniker, I.; Zhang, H.; Rajca, S.; Rajca, A.; Han, S. Maximizing NMR Signal per Unit Time by Facilitating the e–e–n Cross Effect DNP Rate. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2018, 20 (43), 27646–27657.



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Goldberg, H.; Kaminker, I.; Goldfarb, D.; Neumann, R. Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide Cocatalyzed by Palladium(0) and the H5PV2Mo10O40 Polyoxometalate Probed by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Aerobic Catalysis. Inorg.

Chem. 2009, 48 (16), 7947–7952.



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