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WELCOME to the High-Field DNP/EPR laboratory

The high-field DNP/EPR laboratory is a new research laboratory in the School of Chemistry at Tel-Aviv University, established in 2018, led by the principal investigator Dr. Ilia Kaminker.

Our goal is to extend Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to material characterization in challenging systems, which are traditionally not amenable for it.


Our main tool is Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) which allows for a signal enhancement of orders of magnitude in NMR. For this purpose, we develop new methodologies, theoretically and experimentally, as well as new instrumentation.


The systems of interest include single atom heterogeneous catalysts, metal organic frameworks and other materials containing magnetic nuclear isotopes that are not traditionally studied by NMR.


Kaminker group Sept 2023_edited.jpg

Now Recruiting PhD and Master Students

Talented , motivated students with background in chemistry, physics, electrical engineering and related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Our news
JMR cover March 2024 Vol 360.png
Orit Nir-Arad, David H. Shlomi, Amit Israelstam, Tomer Amit,
Nurit Manukovsky, Alexander B. Fialkov, Ilia Kaminker
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